The Suffolk Kitchen Company Limited

Information Sheet summarising our key terms and conditions


Where possible delivery will be made on the day that the fitters start on site. Where this is not possible the customer may be asked to provide storage space for the kitchen and appliances until fitting commences.

Start and Finish Dates

Every effort will be made to keep to the start and finish dates advised. Occasionally circumstances dictate that this is not possible and from time to time dates have to be changed at short notice.


The Kitchens carry up to a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.  Bosch appliances carry a 2 year guarantee.


Supply Only: Full payment on order.

Where we supply and fit:

  • Deposit: 35% – (upon placing order)
  • Second payment: 55% – (due 7 days prior to delivery)
  • Final payment: 10% – (on completion)

Basis of Quotation

All quotations are subject to site survey. Occasionally previously hidden issues are revealed when the old kitchen is removed. If problems are revealed which require additional work this may lead to additional costs and delays. If major problems are revealed it may be necessary to involve specialist contractors e.g. if significant damp problems or asbestos are revealed it will be necessary to resolve these before fitting the kitchen.

All quotations specify in detail the labour and materials included in the price. It may be possible for us to carry out extra works but this will be subject to charges and is likely to lead to extra time being required to complete the works. Customers are asked to check the details of their quotation very carefully and ask for clarification on any points that are not clear.

Customers are also asked to satisfy themselves that the appliances listed meet their requirements as they cannot be returned once delivered.

Drawings from the Computer Aided Design package i.e. the perspective drawings supplied with the quotation are only intended to provide a general impression of the layout of the kitchen. Individual door designs, colours, mouldings, handles, cornices, and other details are not shown. The computer images use generic electrical appliance images and do not attempt to reproduce actual appliance models. Customers must consult brochures, sample doors and us for these details.

Please note that with naturally occurring products such as timber and granite every item is unique and some variation is inevitable. If customers are ordering these products they should familiarise themselves with the likely variations before placing an order. Customers are encouraged to visit our suppliers and choose their own granite. Please ask for details if you would like to do this.

Health & Safety

Recent changes to health and safety legislation make provision for work carried out for domestic customers to come under The Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 (CDM Regulations). The Regulations came into force on 6 April 2015 and place a number of obligations on domestic customers having building carried out.

The obligations include the responsibility to:  appoint (in writing) a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor; ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place for managing and organising the work; ensure that welfare facilities are provided; allow sufficient time for the work to be carried out; provide appropriate information; ensure that a construction phase health and safety plan is in place and that a health and safety file is provided.

In signing the confirmation of order the customer duly appoints The Suffolk Kitchen Company Limited as Principal Designer and Principal Contractor and we take responsibility to ensure that the requirements of the CDM Regulations are complied with.


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